Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pinterest the beginnning...

I started bravely now I realize with a maxi dress! it seemed simple enough take a huge piece fabric cut for arms and head use a cincher belt to bring the potato sack in! Sounds simple enough my husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas so I thought worse case I would need to hem a little. UMM now what started out a long flowing comfy house dress turned into above. the reason being the girl in the long dress was model material well proportioned with average upper body (clear throat here) get my drift? so what looked beautiful on her looked more like a mumu and 20 more lbs on me. so I found another pin with a tank top attached to a skirt so once again what looks great on a smaller woman would have been too revealing for my taste on me. So I took this old navy long sleeve that I haven't worn in years cut the mumu dress and basically started over I attached the bottom half to this long sleeve shirt cut excess and then needed something in the middle to hide allll that ugly there so once again I went back to pinterest and found a pin for a cincher belt for a little girl lol. I modified to fit my waist of course then actually sewed it to the dress itself and left the last few inches loose with buttons so I could actually get the dress over my head and chest then button the belt in the back. So three pins later this was the result.

this was project number two it was originally a picture of pizza monkey bread. they used real pizza dough which I didn't want to make and a bunt pan which I don't have but my sister in law is gracious enough to be mailing me one of her grandmas now LOL so this is the cheaper version as you can see from the first picture haha! its pretty simple to see ooo let me me add  this I realized I was out of marinara after I cooked it so we dipped in ranch :))

eternity scarf okay seems simple take old flannel pajama bottoms sew the legs together all done! of course not for me has to get complicated. okay so apparently my bottoms aren't big enough so when sewing them together it was too short to double over my head! so I took one leg sewed the ends together then kind of sewed the other leg to the sides of the top loop does that make sense? )) kind of like those parentheses )) hahaha

this hairstyle was a french braid on top of the head it was actually a pinned  youtube video well I have bangs so it of course was more complicated and my hair is thin so it required more bobby pins and do overs. I also added a tiny braid on the side which you can't see in the picture. Regularly my hair is  flat so this curl with a flat iron will fall out in about an hr :) but it was fun looks better on the blonde who did it I think the briad is not as obvious with dark hair but it took about 15 minutes total for me so for the normal person probably five haha :)

well thats it for now but I will be back because I like letting you guys see how this website works for us normal folks and if you think im not normal then how it works for me! I wasn't aware I would be blogging Pinterest so from now on I will show the pin that I am trying to copy and then my results!

Pinterest my new addiction

So it has been a looooooonnnnnng time as usual I have definately found a light hearted reason to blog we have had alot going on in our home that definately has left no time for blogging. I have been trying to get a home baking business up and running,  the holidays, and some issues that required and still require most of my attention. But this morning as I was doing my hair I thought I must share my pinterest experience thus far. I am sure I am really late on this website well because thats how it works with this reclus of a mother and wife. It started with a friend asking me if I had heard of it she knew I was a crafter (attempted) and thought I would enjoy it. So I signed up not expecting too much I had seen some of my friends posting pictures on thier profiles from there and I thought why would I like a bunch of things I can't afford or couldn't create. I assumed this was a site sent to just tease me with the have-nots of life. Once I starting browsing I realized these photos had links to where they came from! AmAzInG :) now I understand people use this for many things but definately my mission from the first pin was to find diy projects or things that looked possible for me, or my husband, or my kids to do ourselves. Now when I say do it myself I mean food hair clothes crafts etc anything that says I am cheap and easy! lol doesn't everyone like cheap and easy? So I will catch you up on my adventures of course nothing turns out exactly how you think it will or is that just me? but none-the-less I definately am hooked :)- read following blog for my projects I have tried to tackle :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011


trying to get my blog verified in a new forum :)) HBSXFMHQERYK (code for thier site) lol sorry for the random post!

Keeping it "Real"

warning this blog is not mean't to offend just entertain!
I am a reality tv junkie. Nothing makes me happier on television then to turn that baby on and see two chicks going at it...... cat fighting that is lol. I watched the challenge on MTV yesterday and I have to say taking two washed up 30 somethings that hate each other, making them be partners, and telling them to achieve a joined goal makes for good tv. I enjoy all the facades of Reality TV during the day its court shows, divorce court gives me my daily dose of what not to do when it comes to my marriage. Dr. Phil tells me what to do, and the real housewives.. well.. like I said nothing makes me happier haha. On the weekends I know he is going to kill me but me and the hubz sometimes watch the marathon of teen mom and 16 and pregnant bahaha! Whats worse than being the person who admits in an open forum that she does indeed get her thrills from "real" television? I'll tell you, it is the people who act as tho they are above it. Are you a reality tv hater? Its like you have to pick sides either your over here on the cool side and you know mary jane cussed her husband for hanging out at the hilton too long or your the snob nose who says you can't stand those shows (sercretly hoping mary and her huband work it out). THATS RIGHT I said it! Don't be ashamed! All you haters out there you know on a lazy sunday as your flipping thru the channels all alone you stop on Rock of Love 14!
You may not know thier names or watch on a regular basis but I can not imagine a person who is flipping thru the regular lifetime, home shopping network, or the same law and order marathon (which i like to watch too :)) and you don't stop on the girls rolling down the stairs riping at each others hair that magically never throw a punch. I think not. Thats enteraining television people! I could care less if its real or its not its awesome. This blog is pretty much pointless and spun off of a celebrity this morning saying she couldn't stand reality tv in an intervew and in my book that b is lying hahahaha. Just a confession special for all two of my readers I also love Vampire Diaries which is a high school based show full of mysical creatures, that show is only second to Army Wives basically the only intellegent adult appropriate show i watch.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My numbers keep shrinking

I wish it was pounds I was talking about but sadly I am talking about "friends", you have to love facebook! (the following description has been rewritten to save those who are this tarded from embarassment)

STATUS: No one will ever hold me down :).

So coming across this as I scroll thru my news feed having nothing better to do with my time I read this, see the comment link, and hmm I think to myself .. I really don't know her that well but what could it hurt... click... I type:

you go girl Ms.Independant :)

I read all that facebook has to say, liked a few things, left a few good mornings. taking only about an extra minute or so. Getting ready to close my computer (I never shut it down bless its soul)  a little red number 1 pops up on my top bar. YAY! okay maybe I wasn't that excited but we like to see when someone contacts us it is after all the craze of facebook. Click...

what the hell is that suppose to mean...

hahahahaha I don't know if anyone finds this as humorous as I do but what the hell is right? what was wrong with what I said? what was this person doing? Was she sitting in front of the screen waiting 45 minutes for someone to respond? Baffled and unsure of my response that elusive comment box sits teasing.

umm not sure where the miscommunication is just giving some enthuisastic words

Confused I see some new posts from others. I read on anticipating what the new response would be... blink up pops a red number 1

no miscommunication I can tell your being f*ck*ng sarcastic

Now please someone please tell me how you can tell someone is being sarcastic?  Was this really a situation calling for the dropping of the f bomb? definition sarcasm :implies a subtler form of mockery in which an intended meaning is conveyed obliquely. Okay listen, I can barely tell when someone is being sarcastic in person let alone in text. Not able to contain myself I type back

Not being sarcasticc. your truly talented if you can gain that thru a comment. I was simply telling you its great to not let anyone hold you down, apparently the only thing holding you back is your stupidity :) (sarcastic smile)

I refresh the page hoping for a response instead I am one friend short lmao! And that people is how you loose friends on facebook!  This is seriously only one of the examples I have of loosing friends due to a comment I have made on facebook.
Believe it or not this happens to me all the time. Maybe it is just me. Have you ever typed a comment where there are like fifty comments above it and you didn't read them before you joined in with a really funny response? I have lost friends that way too haha.
 Are you really going delete me because you posted something on a public forum with a comment box below it? Half the time I am not even being mean.. half lol I am just joking. I take it all in stride I am a homebody if you don't want to see the five hundred pictures of my kids and our back yard I completely understand besides the likelyhood of us crossing paths considering I am in Texas and everyone I know is in the Carolinas is pretty slim.
I  do have good intentions my advice is this, if you have a sense of humor like mine where most of the time even in person people don't really know how to take you,or the urge to voice a real opinion on facebook is too strong... just don't :) haha (sarcastic laugh)
P.S. the sensitivity behind the defensive attitude turns out is because this chick lives with her parents doesn't work and has two kids with no love to call her own. I personally think my words of encouragement were exactly what she needed. Bahahaha (thats my evil laugh)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Procrastination is a B

procrastination have you ever notice that when you know you need to get something done you just don't. Maybe its just me but I have a to do list a mile long and the more I think about it the more I put it off. I blame it partly on the heat here it makes me tired but even if it was 72 outside with nothing to do I have a feeling that laundry needing folded on my bed would still be there. I am getting excited about my best friend and my husband's buddy flying in this coming weekend but I just can't seem to get off my tush and get the much needed chores done to prep for their arrival. I have even considered letting them come in and just realize my home is a pig sty and walk through all the dust in the air due to my lack of motivation. Take today for instants I woke up with the best of intentions I was going to tackle this mess head on. Then my husband came home he stayed here about 3 hours and my reasoning was why would I want to ruin the few hours of tv he was going to get this week by vacuuming in his way. He went back to work. Then Dr. Phil came on with a very intriguing topic this episod,e what would it hurt to sit and watch that? Now I sit here at 8 o'clock not really in the mood to start a late night chore. Procrastination isn't it just the kink in your neck you can't get rid of? I don't think two Advil is going to solve this headache. ooo well there is always tomorrow. I really am going to do it..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

fashionably late?

So once again it has taken me months to post and on a very random note my last blog had lots of typos and right here in my corner view is a frickin spell check lol. i am one ditzy woman sometimes :) I really wish I could be more focused I have good intentions when it comes to this blog but I can't seem to find the time or concentration (as in a moment of silence) to sit down and give myself the vent that I most desperately need. So we found a home I will post a picture with this blog. I really love this house I feel more at home here than I did in fayetteville this house is more me :) one level no stairs and CARPET a garage and a privacy fence it doesn't take much to please me or does it? hmm. Home schooling definitely sucks for me it is a self discipline that I think I don't have and requires more patience then I own. I really am excited about Kameran going back to school for his first grade year. Altho we will be doing work during the Summer I'm thankful that the break is here and we will only be covering refreshers to keep him prepared. We have had a good spring/summer so far. We got to go to South Dakota with my husband altho it was for a unfortunate reason we got to spend a week with his family, the boys and I have haven't been there or met most of the people before then. Got to love the military. My sister and brother in law also got to visit which was a wonderful lil vacation to San Antonio they got married :) and we got to go to Sea World with the kids I had a great time! My Mother and Aunt are going to be here in Texas Friday! My birthday is Saturday and Fathers Day is Sunday and I couldn't be more excited to see them and spend some quality time with them. Being in this house of males definitely calls for the over due need with those women whom I love in my life. My father and two of my brothers also may be coming but that is yet to be determined, I'm just happy to see anybody from back home. Thennnn my best friend Ms. Kristen is visiting for the fourth along with my hubby's best friend so that will be a epic visit of course! When I think of all these wonderful times I realize how lucky and blessed I am to get the chance to spend time with such wonderful people. Some little pieces of info Jackson had his first buzz cut recently Brandon was gone almost the entire month of may :( and Kameran got a mock uniform I can't seem to keep him out of lol and I started couponing wish me luck with that! ooo and Jackson tore keys off this new laptop suprise suprise... well I am going to try to post at least twice a week we will see will my flaky self if I can accomplish this goal!