Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pinterest the beginnning...

I started bravely now I realize with a maxi dress! it seemed simple enough take a huge piece fabric cut for arms and head use a cincher belt to bring the potato sack in! Sounds simple enough my husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas so I thought worse case I would need to hem a little. UMM now what started out a long flowing comfy house dress turned into above. the reason being the girl in the long dress was model material well proportioned with average upper body (clear throat here) get my drift? so what looked beautiful on her looked more like a mumu and 20 more lbs on me. so I found another pin with a tank top attached to a skirt so once again what looks great on a smaller woman would have been too revealing for my taste on me. So I took this old navy long sleeve that I haven't worn in years cut the mumu dress and basically started over I attached the bottom half to this long sleeve shirt cut excess and then needed something in the middle to hide allll that ugly there so once again I went back to pinterest and found a pin for a cincher belt for a little girl lol. I modified to fit my waist of course then actually sewed it to the dress itself and left the last few inches loose with buttons so I could actually get the dress over my head and chest then button the belt in the back. So three pins later this was the result.

this was project number two it was originally a picture of pizza monkey bread. they used real pizza dough which I didn't want to make and a bunt pan which I don't have but my sister in law is gracious enough to be mailing me one of her grandmas now LOL so this is the cheaper version as you can see from the first picture haha! its pretty simple to see ooo let me me add  this I realized I was out of marinara after I cooked it so we dipped in ranch :))

eternity scarf okay seems simple take old flannel pajama bottoms sew the legs together all done! of course not for me has to get complicated. okay so apparently my bottoms aren't big enough so when sewing them together it was too short to double over my head! so I took one leg sewed the ends together then kind of sewed the other leg to the sides of the top loop does that make sense? )) kind of like those parentheses )) hahaha

this hairstyle was a french braid on top of the head it was actually a pinned  youtube video well I have bangs so it of course was more complicated and my hair is thin so it required more bobby pins and do overs. I also added a tiny braid on the side which you can't see in the picture. Regularly my hair is  flat so this curl with a flat iron will fall out in about an hr :) but it was fun looks better on the blonde who did it I think the briad is not as obvious with dark hair but it took about 15 minutes total for me so for the normal person probably five haha :)

well thats it for now but I will be back because I like letting you guys see how this website works for us normal folks and if you think im not normal then how it works for me! I wasn't aware I would be blogging Pinterest so from now on I will show the pin that I am trying to copy and then my results!

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